A patch that heals diabetic ulcers

The experts plan to sell the patch in Mexico and abroad

Mexican scientists create patch that heals diabetic ulcers
Researchers from the UNAM developed these patches - Photo: Courtesy of the UNAM
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In Mexico, one in every 10 people has diabetes and one in every 20 diabetics has a limb amputated but Mexican academics from the UNAM's Materials Research Institute (IIM) developed a patch to regenerate diabetics' skin in a short period of time.

Concepción Peña Juárez, a post-doctoral researcher at the institute explained that the team “achieved a regeneration in a maximum of 21 days; this is a great development because, for diabetics, a wound means changes in their lifestyle, and it also impacts their health and psychological condition.”

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Peña Juárez added that “the patch is made of nanofibres that contain nano and microparticles that have bioactive (compounds); when it is placed on the damaged tissue (diabetic ulcer), it dissolves and immediately starts to release the actives.”

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According to the UNAM, if the patch is used soon after getting injured, it can prevent the amputation of a limb because it has immediate results and prevents the proliferation of microorganisms and infections.

Peña Juárez said that the experts have already requested to obtain the patent and want to “distribute the product” in Mexico and abroad.

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