Mexican and Peruvian music in Kazakhstan

Mexican, Peruvian, Scottish, Japanese and French music will be presented in Kazakhstan's first classical and folkloric music festival that will take place inside a natural reserve

Traditional Mexican and Peruvian music in Kazakhstan
The Kazakh public will enjoy Mexican music – Photo: Heriberto Rodríguez/REUTERS
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Popular Mexican and Latin-American music will be heard at the First Classical and Folkloric Music International Festival “Zhezkiik”. It will take place on July 13 and 14 inside the Ulytau natural reserve and in the Jezkazgan province, in Kazakhstan's central region.

The festival will gather 11 music groups from different countries such as Mexico, Peru, France, Poland, Scotland, and Japan. Its goal is to preserve and promote the Central Asian country's intangible cultural heritage by promoting its classical and traditional music.

The program will also include local groups and its main scenario will be the Ulytau reserve, a natural and cultural landscape included in the UNESCO's World Heritage List, in its mixed category. It's situated in a semi-desertic in the heart of Kazakhstan, a place with archeological remains that show human presence in this territory during the Neolithic.

By organizing the festival in this important cultural site, the promoters and the Kazakh government are also looking to attract tourism in this region.

In the festival program, the popular Mexican music will be represented by a mariachi band that was invited to offer a traditional music repertoire.

From Peru, the Quechua ensemble Takiñan will offer a glimpse into their country's most representative music from different regions of their country.

Nice La Belle, a band formed in 1956 to promote the regional music of the city located in the south of France, and they will also show their country's folklore.

Reading Pipe Band, a bagpipers band, will represent Scotland's popular music. Wagakki Ensemble from Japan and the Turkish Music Ensemble from Istanbul, a band created by the Turkish government in 2008, will also attend.

The Khairullo Dadoboev Folkloric ensemble, the Qobyz Saryny ensemble, and the Arqa Sazi ensemble are among the local bands.

The festival will also include classical music in its program. The Kazakhstan Symphony Orchestra, founded in 1983, as well as the Karaganda Musical Theater Academy, among other soloists and classical music local and regional singers.


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