Juan Rulfo’s two unpublished texts to print

The unpublished manuscripts from around 1982 are about a review of Brazilian literature from the 20th century and Mexican literature

Juan Rulfo’s two unpublished texts to print
Mexican writer Juan Rulfo – Photo: FOTOTECA EL UNIVERSAL
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The publication of two unpublished manuscripts that Mexican writer Juan Rulfo left in notebooks written by hand, is being negotiated by the Juan Rulfo Foundation with the agency Carmen Balcells, as informed on July 7th by El País.

The Spanish newspaper highlighted that the essays come from “a notebook with yellow covers with five and a half pages; 38 pages with the red flank ripped from another notebook. Both are filled up to the margins with the fine and tilted trace of Rulfo’s handwriting.”

The first is a review of Brazilian literature from the 20th Century. The second is about Mexican literature. None of the two texts, says the article, is dated, but research of the Foundation, based on the impeccable conservation status of the paper and the texts that are mentioned, place them around 1982, four years before Rulfo’s death.

Víctor Jiménez, head of the Foundation, said to El País, “These texts are probably the last thing he wrote and help us understand his interests by the end of his life.” According to the research, both texts are an extension to other previous works: a prologue to a 1982 edition of a novel of Brazilian Joaquín María Machado de Assis, and a conference given at Harvard in 1981 about Mexican literature. Both texts, along with other four essay materials of Rulfo – written in a period ranging from the 50s till his death-, published in academic magazines and minor editorials, will be collected in a new edition. It will be the first release of unpublished material from Rulfo since Letters to Clara (Cartas a Clara) (2000), the love letters exchange with his future wife.


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