Juan Collado's fortune is seized by Andorran authorities

Lawyer Juan Collado was arrested in Mexico on July 9

Juan Collado's fortune is seized by Andorran authorities
Juan Collado is accused of money laundering and conspiracy - Photo: Germán Romero/CUARTOSCURO.COM
English 16/10/2019 16:16 Newsroom Mexico City Actualizada 16:16
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Andorran authorities seized €76.5 million that belonged to Mexican lawyer Juan Collado, the lawyer who handled Enrique Peña Nieto's divorce earlier this year.

According to Spanish newspaper El País, Peña Nieto's former lawyer is being investigated for illicit association and money laundering.

It was revealed that that Andorran authorities launched an investigation against Collado after the Mexican lawyer transferred €10.5 million from Andorra to a BBVA account in Madrid just six days before he was arrested in Mexico City.

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Juan Collado, a famous Mexican lawyer who has worked for politicians and business leaders, was arrested on July 9.

Judge Canòlic Mingorance seized Collado's fortune after he was accused of money laundering.

Andorra's Prosecutor's Office said that there was a possibility that the Mexican lawyers' money in Andorra would be transferred to another country before the investigation ended, therefore, prosecutors asked the judge to seize the money.

Furthermore, judge Maria Àngels Moreno asked Mexico to share all the information about Collado's arrest, as well as his links to criminal activities.


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