How will large cities face the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico?

Big cities concentrate the majority of coronavirus cases, how will they halt contagions?

How will large cities face the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico?
Non-essential businesses have been shut down Nuevo León, Jalisco, and Mexico City - Photo: Gustavo Graf
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In Mexico, the majority of confirmed COVID-19 cases are registered in Mexico City, the state of Mexico, Jalisco, and Nuevo León; the most populated states in the country. As of March 22, states such as Tlaxcala and days earlier, Campeche and Michoacán hadn’t registered any coronavirus cases.The map that shows the advance of the virus throughout the country is mostly yellow, the color that indicates there are between 1 and 5 cases. However, orange and red color the more populous states, where several more coronavirus cases have been confirmed.

In the United States, the majority of cases are registered in New York, the most populated city, and in Los Angeles, the second most populated city. In Spain, the majority of COVID-19 cases are registered in Madrid, the capital and most populated city in the country.

Since big cities have large populations, the rapid increase in coronavirus cases is logical; therefore, it is important to implement measures such as social distancing, which will be essential to contain the virus. The contention of COVID-19 in those cities will be reflected in the reduction of cases throughout the country.

In Mexico City, mayor Claudia Sheinbaum announced that bars, clubs, museums, saunas, gyms, movie theatres, theatres, sport centers, zoos, and churches will close for four weeks. Moreover, half of government workers will be sent home.

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Was this measure implemented in time? The answer will be known once social distancing is over and authorities evaluate the impact the pandemic had on the city.

Big cities have a responsibility to use all their resources to prevent more contagions, make sure that businesses respect the rules, and to provide medical attention to those who need it.

The half of the COVID-19 outbreak will depend on the actions launched by federal governments but mayors and governors also have the power to diminish the impact of the virus. This has been the case in the U.S., as well as in Jalisco and Nuevo León in Mexico.

For millions of Mexicans, the main authority is a mayor, even before the federal government. Let’s not forget it.

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