Grupo México spills sulfuric acid into the sea

In 2014, the company spilled a poisonous substance into the Sonora river

Grupo México spills sulfuric acid into the sea
This is not the first time Grupo México has been involved in environment accidents or human tragedies - Photo: Bela Szandelszky/AP
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Grupo México, a construction, mining, engineering, infrastructure, and transport company, spilled at least 3,000 liters of sulfuric acid in Guaymas, in the state of Sonora.

The accident took place yesterday at 3 PM, in the area where the ships are loaded with the acid. Then, the leak spilled into the water, polluting the Sea of Cortés.

Abraham Larios Velázquez, the administrator of the Apiguay port, said that no one had been hurt during the accident and that elements from the navy and Grupo México implemented a contingency plan.

Through a statement, Grupo México announced that the incident took place after “a valve failed, which caused the release of 3,000 liters” of sulfuric acid.

It was revealed the navy was present at the site, evaluated the situation, verified that it was under control, and determined that it wasn't necessary to implement an emergency plan.

Later, Carlos Navarrete Aguirre, the head of the Mining Commission and the Secretary of the Environment Commission at the Sonora Congress, called the federal government to withdraw the license to Grupo México.

The lawmaker reminded his colleagues that almost 5 years ago, Grupo México spilled 40,000 cubic meters of poisonous metals in the Sonora river, affecting around “1 million Sonora inhabitants who live in Cananea, Arizpe, San Felipe, Banamichi, Baviácora, Aconchi, Huepac, Ures, and Hermosillo.”

Grupo México has the partial assignment of rights of the Apiguay port until 2035.


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