Governor Alfaro is into piracy

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Governor Alfaro is into piracy
The Jalisco Governor, Enrique Alfaro - Photo: Francisco Guasco/EFE
English 06/02/2019 11:12 Mexico City Off the Record Actualizada 11:23
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Governor Alfaro is into piracy

Jalisco's Governor, Enrique Alfaro, is feeling very smug about the idea of “refound” the state through a proposal to erect a Constituent Congress to create a new local constitution, as it was done in Mexico City. We've been told that the Governor sinned a little: he copied and pasted a doctoral thesis presented in Spain in 2015 and used it to argue the theoretical part of his proposal. Of course, his political rivals started questioning him: how serious and deep can a refounding be when he uses this type of stunts. Maybe, before refounding the state, Alfaro has to find out who tricked him and put him on the spot with this document, beyond how ambitious the plan is. Or is it true he wrote it?

Panic at Dos Bocas

The Security, Energy, and Environment Agency (ASEA), a body decentralized Semarnat, are panicking. We've been told that the reason is that they dared issue an MXN $13,900,000 million fine to SCCA for dismantling the vegetation in the venue where the Dos Bocas refinery is going to be built. We've been told that their fear has a basis, as they remember the case of Ernesto Ríos Patrón, the former head of Mexico's Fuel Institute (IMP), who was fired after he issued a study that explained that it's technically and financially impractical to build the Dos Bocas refinery. So they hope there won't be any dismissals after they issued the fine.

Weird traditions at Morena and the PT

Do you remember that a congresswoman, Irma Juan Carlos, Morena, proposed “beating” another congresswoman, Ana Paola López Birlain, from the PAN? Back then, the woman claimed that in her hometown, when a child misbehaves, they say that you should “beat them up.” Well, Gerardo Fernández Noroña, PT, used a similar excuse after calling the Reynosa mayor, Maki Ortiz, “useless.” It turns out that Noroña learned that from his grandmother because when things no longer work, she used that word. Well, the 4th Transformation has some complex traditions because although it seems like they use violent and vulgar language, they are actually continuing their traditions.

AMLO and Aureoles at peace

After some harsh words between each other, President López Obrador and Silvano Aureoles, the Michoacán Governor, they are now at peace. We've been told that the President and Aureoles will see each other at an official event. We've been told that the President will travel to Huetamo, to provide financial aid to farmers. The meeting will take place amidst a conflict with teachers, who haven't freed the rail tracks. It would be useful if the radical branch of the CNTE met with the federal government.


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