Genaro García Luna is negotiating a plea deal with U.S. authorities
Genaro García Luna was arrested by U.S. authorities last month - Photo: Claudio Cruz/EL UNIVERSAL

Genaro García Luna is negotiating a plea deal with U.S. authorities

Mexico City
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The former security chief could reveal dish dirt on several Mexican politicians

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According to journalist Alan Feuer, former Security Minister Genaro García Luna is working on a plea deal with U.S. authorities; this way, he would avoid going to trial.

A legal document that surfaced yesterday confirms that García Luna and U.S. authorities are “engaged in plea negotiations, which they believe are likely to result in a disposition of this case without trial.”


The document was signed by the former security chief and the U.S. Attorney.

If García Luna reaches an agreement with prosecutors, he would collaborate and deliver information to U.S. authorities, his sentence would be reduced and he would avoid a trial.

His first hearing in New York took place on January 3. García Luna pleaded not guilty to cocaine trafficking charges and lying to the U.S. government.

The next hearing will take place on January 21.

Genaro García Luna's alleged accomplices include his wife

On January 17, New York prosecutors and Genaro García Luna’s lawyer asked judge Brian Cogan a 60-day term between his hearing on January 21 and the next one.

Judge Cogan agreed and the next hearing is taking place on April 2.

In a letter sent to judge Cogan, the prosecutors state that they hope to present voluminous evidence linked to Genaro García Luna, which covers the last two decades and includes financial, property, and legal records.

The prosecutors also obtained confiscated evidence and have requested evidence from other countries.

During today’s hearing, García Luna’s public defender said they are not negotiating a plea bargain with the U.S., nor are they interested in reaching such agreement.

Moreover, the former Security Minister no longer has access to Mexico’s financial system and this is why he hasn’t been able to hire a lawyer.

García Luna’s public defender also claimed that while the former Mexican official was arrested in Texas, he was isolated and has barely been in touch with his family.

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