23 | JUL | 2019
Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera in Moscow
Frida and Diego traveled the world together – Photo: File Photo/AP

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera in Moscow

Mexico City
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Kahlo's complete collection and 40 of Rivera's paintings will be exhibited in the Manege Hall in Moscow

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Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera's art will arrive in Moscow, Russia, next December, said Adriana Jaramillo, the Dolores Olmedo Museum's communications director.

In an interview, the cultural promoter said that Kahlo's complete collection, 26 pieces, as well as 40 painting from the muralist, will be exhibited in the New Exhibition Hall “Manege”, in Moscow.

According to Jaramillo, Frida's collection is currently being exhibited at Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest, which will be taken to Moscow, where it will Kahlo's and Rivera's artwork will come together for an exhibition that will end in April 2019.

“In Russia, the exhibition will be about the couple; the ideology both of them had, their political and ideological positions, Diego's social-themed work, the trips he made to Russia. In our collection we have a series of paintings of Russian children, he was there for a while, for medical reasons”.

Frida always wanted to visit Stalin and Trotski's country, and obviously that's where the rumors come from; while in the majority of Rivera's work the social and ideological support towards the workers and the rural Russian community can be seen”, explained Jaramillo.

The spokeswoman of the enclosure that holds the biggest Frida Kahlo collection said that Diego and Frida are, without a doubt, “the couple that travels the most and one of the most known”.

In the case of Frida, she is remembered as one of the "most widely known artists, and she is even known by her first name, Frida, she's not Rivera, Picasso, Orozco, or Carrington, she's Frida, people have a bond with her on a personal level, her art attracts those who have a disability or that have suffered in their love life, there's a very personal and emotional connection”.


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