FRENAAA vs. President López Obrador

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FRENAAA vs. President López Obrador
FRENAAA is a movement that aims to remove President López Obrador from office - Photo: Germán Espinosa/EL UNIVERSAL
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FRENAAA vs. President López Obrador

Sources said the President’s team is now paying attention to the roads López Obrador travels through. However, this is not due to violence but because of the movement called FRENAAA, which aims to force the Mexican President to resign. Last weekend, during the President’s visit to Puebla, FRENAA set up a billboard to call on people to unite against President López Obrador. What’s interesting is that the billboard belongs to businessman Vicente Aguirre, who is close to PES lawmaker Fernando Manzanilla. Since the PES is supposed to be an ally to the President, some are wondering if López Obrador should keep an eye on both his allies and enemies. 

PAN members launch a new movement

Sources said former PAN governors and party leaders throughout the country are coming together to create a movement called Unidos Por México (United for Mexico) to defend democracy and freedom, which are threatened by populism and authoritarianism. Insiders said the movement will be announced on September 29. Those who joined the movement include Carlos Medina Plascencia, Fernando Canales, Juan Carlos Romero Hicks, Ernesto Ruffo, Juan Manuel Oliva, Francisco Ramírez Acuña, Guadalupe Osuna Millán, Eugenio Elorduy, Patricio Patrón, and Marco A. Adame. However, sources said the presentation would be a virtual event amid the pandemic, and at the same time, the movement will promote citizen promotion amid the upcoming elections. 

Isabel Arvide speaks out 

Mexico’s new and inexperienced consul in Istanbul, Isabel Arvide, criticized former ambassador Agustín Gutiérrez Canet, whom she called “decrepit and bitter” after the diplomat wrote an article to criticize the current cultural diplomacy policy. 

PRI members in danger of extinction

Fernando Lerdo de Tejada, who once was a spokesperson for Ernesto Zedillo, reappeared during a virtual event organized by Edgar Méreles. Around 30 people joined the virtual event to listen to Lerdo de Tejada talk about negotiating strategies and lobbying in Congress. Several PRI members are wondering in Fernando gave this advice to his son, who won a seat at the Mexico City Congress, then quit the PRI but kept the seat.


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