Financial crisis at public universities
Lack of transparency and excessive benefits have affected public universities

Financial crisis at public universities

Mexico City
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Lack of transparency and excessive benefits have affected public universities

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The financial situation of several state universities has been fragile for a few months. At least 9 of them face crises and debts that amount to MXN $16,000 million but what out universities in this position? According to information obtained by EL UNIVERSAL, there are four reasons behind this crisis: hiring employees without the authorization of the Education and Finance ministries, financial crises sparked by previous administrations, wrong policies in regards to retirement plans, and excessive work benefits.

Nevertheless, out of the 9 universities, the five public schools with the highest debts deteriorated after the current administration canceled the program Aid for the Attention of Structural Problems in Public State Universities, which was used to pay debts. In some other cases, state authorities are responsible because they refuse to allocate more resources to public universities.

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Moreover, excessive privileges in some of these universities also affect their finances. For example, in the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos (UAEM), workers, academics, and administrative personnel receive a three-month Christmas bonus and those who are part of the workers' union can be absent for up to 90 days and receive 50% of their salaries.

However, the Autonomous University of Zacatecas as the largest deficit, which amounts to MXN $2,100 million. The main reason is tax evasion and avoiding to pay the ISSSTE fees. The institution owes around MXN $900 million to the Retirement Savings System (SAR); MXN $560 million to the ISSSTE; MXN $225 million to the ISR; MXN $248 million to the Fovissste, and MXN $200 million to the SAT.

The solution to this urgent crisis is the collaboration between federal and state authorities with these universities. Furthermore, the support provided by the government is essential, as well as transparency in the management of resources; moreover, it is key to establish new mechanisms to prevent these crises.

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It is a mistake to think that the only ones affected are academics and workers at public universities. The financial crisis affects students because without enough resources, universities won't be able to welcome more students and many of them won't have the opportunity to study.


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