Fernández Noroña, the biggest loser in Congress

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Fernández Noroña, the biggest loser in Congress
Fernández Noroña is a PT member - Photo: Emilion Vázquez Moreno/EL UNIVERSAL
English 30/06/2020 10:19 Mexico City Off the Record Actualizada 10:24
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Fernández Noroña, the biggest loser in Congress

It seems like the PT party was the biggest loser in Congress this weekend since it failed in its role as an operator. Lawmakers Reginaldo Sandoval and Gerardo Fernández Noroña tried to crush the opposition to introduce other issued during the extraordinary period in the lower chamber. They risked the period and several reforms for a few hours, to the point where Noroña had to ask Ricardo Monreal from help. The bottom of the issue is that the PT is trying to lead the lower chamber starting in September, which is plausible. In case the PT wins, the PRI would lose its chance. 

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Rosario Piedra earns a little less than the President 

According to the CNDH, its president Rosario Piedra doesn’t earn the same as her predecessor. Rosario Piedra earns MXN 106,880, while the former CNDH president earned MXN 160,713. Now we know the difference between austerity and neoliberal salaries, which amounts to MXN 53,832. Piedra’s office also said that she doesn’t earn more than President López Obrador since the Mexican President makes MXN 1,178 less than her. 

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When will Morena elect its new leader?

Morena members don’t know when will they elect their new party leader. What they do know is that they will choose a new leader through a survey among its registered members. However, Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar has overstayed his time as interim president and is waiting for health authorities to allow the party to resume its activities, on the country he will stay in power until 2021. 

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The Supreme Court will keep on working through video calls

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Supreme Court extended its home office stage until July 15. The court announced ministers will continue working through video calls. Since June, the court started working through video and this will continue until the pandemic slows down. The court is being responsible.

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