25 | JUN | 2019
False allegations made at El Chapo's trial
El Chapo during his trial - Photo: Jane Rosenberg/EFE

False allegations made at El Chapo's trial

Mexico City
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False allegations at El Chapo's trial

The accusations made by one of the witnesses in the case against Joaquín”El Chapo” Guzmán were dismissed, after Jorge Milton Cifuentes Villa, a protected witness of the DEA, accused the former Attorney General, Ignacio Morales Lechuga, of receiving bribes from drug lords. Cifuentes Villa made reference to crimes in Mexico in 1995 and claimed that during this time, he had a “corrupt relationship” with Morales Lechuga, who he claimed was the Attorney General. Nevertheless, the drug lord didn't know Mr. Ignacio was head of the PGR from May 1991 to January 1993 and that in 1995 he wasn't Attorney General anymore, and he was actually across the Atlantic, working as Mexico's ambassador in France. So what the drug lord and protected witness said is a lie.

Public servants still haven't issued their declaration of assets

Time is running out and several cabinet members haven't issued their declaration of assets and conflicts of interest as President López Obrador had promised. We've been told that at least some Minister will release the details about their and their partners' resources and properties to face the presidential ultimatum that those who don't make the information public will have to leave the cabinet. We've been told that several public servants received the message loud and clear and getting ready to submit their declaration of assets. Will all of them comply? When? Will all of them stay in the cabinet?

Marko Cortés is at a crossroads

Now the Guadalupe-Reyes season is over, the PAN president, Marko Cortés, will start interviewing Senators to choose a new parliamentary coordinator, which has to be appointed before January 16. Some PAN legislators have said that after the death of Rafael Moreno Valle, those who could create unity are Gustavo Madero, Josefina Vázquez Mota or Mauricio Kuri. The decision will be made by Marko Cortés, who will have to work hard to avoid a fracture at the party.

The fight got the Attorney General

This week, the Justice Commission led by Senator Julio Ramón Menchaca Salazar will begin by checking the suitability of the candidates who want to become Mexico's Attorney General. We must remember that said commission is formed by 15 Senators, where 8 are from Morena and the PT. After this filter, the most complicated part issues, which is the negotiation between the coordinators of the 8 parliamentary groups, who have to agree on the creation of a list of 10 candidates that have to be sent to President López Obrador before January 19. This week, Senators will start voting and proposing candidates.


El Chapo tried using Pemex boats to transport cocaine

The cocaine traveled through Ecuador and was transported by the Colombian army to Quito and Guayaquil
El Chapo tried using Pemex boats to transport cocaineEl Chapo tried using Pemex boats to transport cocaine


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