Experience Russian culture in Mexico City

Russian entrepreneurs and shop owners unite to offer the “Russia Tour in Mexico City”

Experience Russian culture in Mexico City
Heladinsky ice cream store - Photo: Courtesy
English 01/04/2018 15:43 Mexico City Iván Ruiz Actualizada 15:43

In order to share the culture and traditional cuisine of their country, several Russian entrepreneurs and shop owners have united to offer the “Russia Tour in Mexico City,” which launches this April 7.

Organized by Helandinsky, the Kolobok restaurant, and the Soviet&Co restaurant, with the support of the Leon Trotsky Museum and the Diego Rivera Mural Museum, the tour proposes to show participants “how the people on the other side of the world live, what they eat...what does it mean to be Russian,” says Katerina Nikolaeva, spokeswoman of the project.

During the tour, participants will have the opportunity to sample several traditional Russian dishes and learn more about Russian culture and its presence in Mexico.

The tour starts in the Pushkin Gardens, dedicated to one of the most influential Russian poets, followed by a traditional breakfast at the Kolobok restaurant, located in the Santa María la Ribera neighborhood. Then, the group will visit the Leon Trotsky Museum, where several aspects of the life of this politician and revolutionary will be explored. At the ice cream store Heladinsky, visitors will get the opportunity to create their own Matrushka dolls. Lastly, the tour ends at the Soviet&Co restaurant, where several Russian gastronomic traditions will be discussed.

The tour will be available from April 7 to July 29, from 10:30 to 14:00.

For more information, check out Kolobok's website here.