Every man for himself at the Ministry of the Interior?

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Every man for himself at the Ministry of the Interior?
Minister of the Interior Alfonso Navarrete Prida - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
English 15/05/2018 10:31 Mexico City OPINION: Under Reserve Actualizada 10:31
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Every man for himself at the Ministry of the Interior?

There are reports at the office of the Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Navarrete Prida, that there are some public servants getting ready for the  “Hidalgo year” a – sort of “irregular compensation,” shall we say. We're told that one of these reports mentions Fausto Muciño Durán, Chief Risk Management Officer, who stands accused of using a polítical chain and a news outlet to win publicity and attack a few of his kinsmen, taking advantage of his position within the Federal Government. What does his boss, Luis Felipe Puente – National Civil Protection Coordinator – know about the operations of Mr. Fausto? Or it's every man for himself now at the Ministry?

EL UNIVERSAL and MILENIO launch a new programme

Those who doubt there is no room in journalism for union and partnership will be able to witness an example of the contrary tomorrow at 20:30. Two news outlets of prestige, EL UNIVERSAL and MILENIO, will launch, jointly, a TV program in which the controversial and current affairs of the election will be discussed. This program, “Con los de enfrente” (roughly, “With The Ones in Front”) will be broadcast through the platforms of both media simultaneously. Journalists from both news outlets will participate. From Milenio: Carlos Marín, Azucena Uresti, Héctor Zamarrón and Juan Pablo Becerra-Acosta. From El Gran Diario de México: David Aponte, Elisa Alanís, and Héctor de Mauleón. Thus, for all those who doubted – and those who didn't – we look forward to seeing you this Wednesday.

Kumamoto learns the tricks of politics

Our sources within the national leadership of the center-left Citizen's Movement Party (MC) tell us that the one who is not playing fair and has taken advantage of the confusion caused by social media, is the independent candidate running for Senator, Pedro Kumamoto. We're told that he recently posted a video calling for a stop in the smear campaign against him, claiming political parties see him as a nuisance and that there have even been death threats against him. But the cherry on the cake, according to our sources, is that at the end of the video Kumamoto acknowledges that the death treat happened in 2015! Manipulating the information in such a manner is treading on thin ice. It's surprising that Kumamoto – who is a refreshing face in Mexican politics – resorts now to the obsolete tactics used by political parties. Tactics he, himself, has criticized.

El Bronco deserted by his followers

Yesterday night, the independent presidential candidate Jaime Rodríguez Calderón (El Bronco) held – at closed doors – a “Bronco Chat” (#PlátiCabronca) streamed through Facebook Live with six young influencers and youtubers. Without disregarding the fact that they rented the Coliseum Arena, venue of the broadcast, the rating was of over 8,000 live users and was the ninth Trending Topic of Mexico. El Bronco had previously boasted he had an online following of over 290,000 volunteers. Has his cyber army deserted him? Are those thousands even real? If they are, then they probably had better things to do yesterday because they failed to show up.


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