13 | DIC | 2019
Elba Esther's second chance
The controversial character is back into the public eye – Photo: Rashide Frias/CUARTOSCURO.COM

Elba Esther's second chance

Mexico City
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Elba Esther's second chance

Elba Esther's return, which will take place today at a press conference, after being freed from prison, will be seasoned with the attendance of teachers, who support Gordillo, from different states, and even a wide survey about the educational reform by the Teachers for Mexico group. The context is peculiar, we're told, and it's expected that that support translates into the physical presence of teachers who believe in her, and will risk everything no matter what is to come. They point out that for example, Teachers for Mexico, from Hidalgo, distributed among them an invitation that read “Welcome home”, with Gordillo's face in it, and they don't rule out coming to Mexico City to support her return, while in social media there are videos of teachers demanding she's “never again a political prisoner”, and they declare their support. Who doubts the teacher has a second chance?

Peña and AMLO at the Palacio Nacional today

We're told that today will be a day full of important events for the transition process between the current and incoming Presidents, Enrique Peña Nieto and Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Today begins what is extra-officially known as the formal transition, by meeting with their cabinets at the National Palace. Additionally, Mr. Andrés Manuel's team will begin to deliver the verdicts of the new airport to engineers and experts, so they can analyze the documents and give their opinion, and at the same time, we're told that they're getting ready to take over the NAFTA renegotiation.

Ruiz Massieu and what's left from the PRI

We're told that once the PRI's National Executive Committee (CEN) announced that the registration process for the party presidency has begun today and will be voted tomorrow, and things are quite clear. They point out that this process is just paperwork to make officialize Claudia Ruiz Massieu, the current internal president who substituted René Juárez Cisneros, who was substituting Enrique Ochoa Reza after he quit, who is the chosen one to lead the party. They explain that between today and tomorrow, the stars will align for Mrs. Claudia to become the maximum PRI leader, and have the presidency of what's left from the PRI, until August 2019. So if you want to win a bet, play double against single to Ruiz Massieu, who will stay leading the PRI, in an official way, this week.

Inside Morena, not everything is peaches and cream

Morena's opening-up to give candidacies to allies and former members of other parties finally took its toll yesterday, during the V National Extraordinary Congress. The party's president, Yeidckol Polevnsky, was in charge of explaining the balance of the triumphs and everything was peaches and cream. But in private, the congressmen affected by the nominations made from the center didn't hold back, and they booed the leader. On the other hand, some Morena members don't agree with the fact that certain characters, members of Morena's National Council or the directive organisms in the party, were integrated into Andrés Manuel López Obrador's cabinet. Nevertheless, the Council is the one who has the last word on having two positions.


Charges against Elba Esther Gordillo are dismissed

Gordillo, who was arrested in 2013, will speak publicly on August 20
 Charges against Elba Esther Gordillo are dismissed Charges against Elba Esther Gordillo are dismissed


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