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Distribution of 7 Up stopped in Baja California

Gabriela Martínez / Corresponsal
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GEPP Group stops the sale of the 2-liter 7 Up presentation while the Office of the Attorney General investigates the case

GEPP group has stopped the distribution of the soda 7 Up in its 2-liter presentation from all stores in Baja California, Mexico, after a man died after drinking the soda injected with liquid methamphetamine, and six more people were admitted into hospitals – in Mexicali – with intoxication symptoms.

During a press release, the company informed that following the incident of last September 17, they have halted the sale of the soda in that state, seizing approximately 10 thousand products.

“GEPP Group and 7 Up take very seriously this isolated incident, reported by local authorities, last September 17, in a community close to Mexicali,” read the statement.

“Our main concern is the health and safety of our consumers; therefore, we are fully cooperating with Federal and local authorities in the investigation,” it added.

The company clarified they follow “strict quality control standards during their production process, using safe ingredients and complying with Mexican health standards.”

José María Soto was the man who died after drinking the soda, purchased at a convenience store in Valle de Mexicali.

According to the Forensic Service, the cause of Mr. Soto's death was the congestion of vital organs due to methamphetamine overdose, substance which was also confirmed to have been found in the 7 UP soda drank by Mr. Soto.

César González Vaca, coordinator of the Forensic Service in Mexicali, said there was no evidence of Mr. Soto being a meth consumer.

After this tragic situation, the local Office of the Attorney General launched an investigation and found that in five out of the seven cases – including Mr. Soto's – reported in the state, the products were positive for methamphetamine.

The results were submitted to the Mexican Office of the Attorney General, organization which will investigate how was the drug introduced into the 7 Up containers.

The Secretary of Health of the state has issued a statement, alerting the general public the health alert on 7 Up sodas won't be lifted in Baja California until the case is clarified.

The director of Protection against Sanitary Risks Agency, Leopoldo Jiménez, has asked the general public to avoid consuming the product although no new cases have been reported.

After the incident, the State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks of Sonora has performed a sanitary inspection of to the PEPSI plant in Hermosillo, after the product in question was found out to belong to a batch of beverages produced at said plant.


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