Cuba sends doctors to help Mexico fight COVID-19

Cuba has already sent healthcare workers to help control the pandemic in countries like Venezuela, Italy, and Nicaragua, among others

Cuba sends doctors to help Mexico fight COVID-19
A group of Cuban doctors arrived in Mexico to share their experience – Photo: Ismael Francisco/AP
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A group of Cuban doctors arrived in Mexico to exchange points of view with Mexico’s health authorities about the coronavirus health emergency.

Government sources confirmed that the doctors are already in the country and have not come to take care of patients directly.

The work the Cuban doctors will develop will be focused on sharing experiences to tending health emergencies.

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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador recently warned that, in case it was necessary, the federal government would ask Cuba for nurses and doctors specialized in intensive care.

He added that there have been talks about it and the request could be done in stages should it be required.

Cuba has already sent doctors and nurses to help in Lombardy, Italy, which has been severely struck by COVID-19.

Moreover, there are Cuban doctors working currently to control the health emergencies in Venezuela, Suriname, Granada, and Nicaragua, among others.

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According to the Cuban government, 31 nations are currently receiving support from Cuban doctors.

In the case of Mexico, the support is framed in the cooperation agenda between both nations.

In addition, through the Mexican Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AMEXCID), the programs to handle the COVID-19 health emergency are already planned, as well as the cooperation exchange with countries like China, Argentina, Canada, and France.

For her part, the director of Epidemiology in Cuba Francisco Durán said that “10 healthcare workers” traveled to Mexico without specifying their exact destination or expertise.

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Mexico, Cuba’s Latin America's biggest neighbor, was one of the few friendly governments that had not been part of the cooperation programs with specialized doctors the island has with tens of other countries and that the U.S. sought to discredit.

The Pan American Health Organization informed on Tuesday that the peak of COVID-19 could reach the region within three to six weeks so countries must toughen their measures.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, there are over 33,500 people infected with the new coronavirus and over 1,200 have died from it.

In Cuba, health authorities informed that on Tuesday,  there were 396 cases of COVID-19 on the island as well as 11 deceases.

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