Coatepec celebrates coffee and orchids

Running from May 11 to May 20, this Magic Town will welcome all willing to sample its many varieties of coffee and typical dishes

Coatepec celebrates coffee and orchids
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English 06/03/2018 12:19 Xalapa, Veracruz Édgar Ávila / Correspondent for EL UNIVERSAL Actualizada 12:21
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Coatepec, one of the main Magic Towns of Veracruz, is ready to celebrate this May coffee and orchids – two of its highest quality products.

Located 15km from the capital of the state, Coatepec will host a fair where visitors will be able to enjoy a hot cup of coffee at one of the ample gardens of the ancient mansions of Veracruz, while folk music plays in the background.

Running from May 11 to May 20, this Magic Town full of green landscapes, coffee plantations, and mountains will receive all called to it by the smell of roasted coffee and traditional dishes.

Yet the fair also offers something for flower enthusiasts with its orchid corridor. And for those seeking some fun, there will be mechanical games, brought all the way from the San Marcos Fair, in Aguascalientes.

The president of Coatepec, Enrique Fernández, said they're trying to revive the concept of a traditional family fair with coffee as the main focus.

“We will become the International Coffee and Orchids Fair, two of the main products of the municipality,” said Fernández, who added the goal is to make the fairs themed.

Moreover, they received the support of the Netherlands Government in bringing a six-meter windmill which will be covered in native plants and serve as a stage for a light and water show.

All cultural events will be free and with the capacity to house 5,000 people at the music hall, this Magic Town is ready for all visitors wanting to take part in the festivities.

“Regarding security, we will have the support of the state; the security operation implemented for the Tajín Summit will also be implemented here; we will have police officers and ambulances available, in order to protect our visitors,” added the local president.


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