Cinépolis owner had the poll under lock and key

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Cinépolis owner had the poll under lock and key
Alejandro Ramírez - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Cinépolis owner had the poll under lock and key

In this space we told you that the owner of Cinépolis, Alejandro Ramírez, had made the team of presidential candidate José Antonio Meade quite upset for having left in a drawer a poll made by GBA Strategies, under the supervision of Gabriela de la Riva, which placed Meade in the second place of preferences so they could support Ricardo Anaya. The tensions between the also president of the Mexican Business Council and the war room of the center-right Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) has forced the organization – which gathers the 50 most important companies in the country – to release a statement saying they are respectful of the presidential election and that the studies commissioned – that is, the polls – are for members only “and they are under no obligation to disclose them.” With this pat on the back, Mr. Alejandro is free to keep the results of polls under triple lock and key.

The second flight of AMLO

We've been told that, today, Andrés Manuel López Obrador will take a second private flight to arrive at a rally in Tepic, Nayarit. The candidate was heavily criticized for having traveled with his team – including Marcelo Ebrad – on April 16 by air taxi to San Luis Río Colorado. We've been told that today's flight will depart from La Paz to Tepic so Obrador is able to close his local campaigns in both cities. To avoid suspicion, our sources say they will report the cost of the flight when submitting their expenses report to the National Electoral Institute (INE). Mr. Andrés, according to our sources, plans to visit 22 cities in the remaining few campaign days and will host from three to four rallies a day to close his campaign in all regions of Mexico.

The smear campaign  over “support” cards

At the “For Mexico to the Front” coalition, we've been told that the path toward election day has been muddled by a smear campaign. Our sources say that some cards began to circulate of an alleged support in favor of Ricardo Anaya so people vote for him. The cards allegedly ensured MXN$ 1,500 a month during his administration for the simple fact of “being Mexican.” Immediately, members of the coalition denied said “support cards” were distributed by Anaya's campaign team – although they recognized these did appear in the borough of Iztapalapa. While it is discovered whether these were handed out by the Front or not, it wouldn't hurt for the members of the conservative National Action Party (PAN), the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), or the center-left Citizen's Movement Party (MC) to file a complaint before the Specialized Attorney's Office against Electoral Crimes (FEPADE) in order to protect themselves. In this agency, according to our sources, no complaint has been received thus far.

A new clash between the PGR and the CNDH

Yesterday, a new chapter opened in the story of the constant clashes between authorities and human rights organizations over the Ayotzinapa case. Mexico's Office of the Attorney General (PGR) sprang to its own defense after Mexico's Human Rights Commission (CNDH), presided by Luis Raúl González Pérez, accused them if having arrested the wrong person during the investigation of the 43 missing teacher students. The CNDH claimed they submitted solid proof to show that the individual currently imprisoned isn't “La Rana” but someone who had nothing to do with the disappearance and whose only crime was living in Cocula. However, the PGR denied receiving the evidence and blamed the Tamaulipas judge – who's handling the case – so they can address all matters with him. It seems things can only escalate from here.


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