Car exports decrease 0.8% in August

Exports to U.S. decreased 6.1%

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English 07/09/2017 17:04 Sara Cantera Actualizada 12:12
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In August, automotive exports decreased 0.8% having shipped 260,607 units, according to the Mexican Automotive Industry Association (Asociación Mexicana de la Industria Automotriz abbreviated AMIA).

Mexico's auto exports to the United States decreased 6.1% having shipped 191,515 vehicles.

While exports to Germany decreased 18.6% and exports to Brazil decreased 39.8%. The U.S., Germany, and Brazil are some of the main destinations for Mexico's automotive exports.

Assembly plants that lower their importation volume in August were Ford with a 17.6% decrease, Honda with 15.9%, Mazda with 1.9%, Nissan with 26.3%, Toyota with 9.5% and Volkswagen with 18.9%.

Regarding production, 351,855 vehicles were produced in August indicating a 5.7% increase compared to August 2016.


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