Cabo Pulmo, a diving paradise

Located in Baja California Sur, Cabo Pulmo is a natural protected area

Cabo Pulmo, a diving paradise
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We give you nine reasons to choose this destination in Baja California Sur for your next vacations.

1. Do you like turtles? Cabo Pulmo is home to five of the seven species of sea turtles in the world. From July to October, there are camps to protect the nests and to set hatchings free.

2. One of the many natural treasures in Cabo Pulmo is the second biggest alive coral reef in the eastern Pacific, which goes from Alaska to Tierra de Fuego. It is also considered the oldest one with 25,000 years.

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3. Diving is the main activity. Once a month, cold currents allow swimming among the shoals of giant groupers which are almost a meter long. The diving center Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort can guide you through this adventure. It has snorkeling and diving tours scheduled at 14:00.

4. Cabo Pulmo is one of the destinations in Mexico focused on taking care of the environment. Most hotels use solar panels. You will not find any resort, there are only lodgings in private homes and bungalows, such as the ones in Villa del Faro, built with palm trees and adobe.

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5. Due to its ecologic relevance and to protect it from fishing overexploitation, locals and the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur managed for this area to be designated as a Natural Protected Area 24 years ago. In 2005, UNESCO included it in its Natural Heritage List.

6. If you are looking for a place with sun and beach to disconnect from the world, Cabo Pulmo is an option. Its total population is of 200 inhabitants, of which nearly 60 persons belong to the fishing camp Los Frailes.

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7. You can surf or join a biking tour in the Coyote mountain. It is a natural barrier between the desert and the sea. Between the gaps, you will see cacti, mezquites, and bushes, the vegetation that grows according to the direction of the wind where the Tropic of Cancer crosses.

8. French explorer and researcher Jacques-Yves Cousteau named it “the biggest aquarium in the world.” 800 species of the animal kingdom live in the Sea of Cortés. You will find manta rays and a big colony of sea lions. On its waters there is also a great concentration of sharks (nearly 11 species) and, from November to March, you can see humpback whales and blue whales, the biggest in the world.

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9. El Bajo is one of the many calm beaches you will find. Its maximum depth is 14 meters. It has sandy channels enclosed by volcanic rocks where starfish live. They have a variety of textures and colors: red, purple, with black dots, white and yellow, and smooth or corrugated.

How to get there
This paradise is located 96 km from Los Cabos. A road trip of almost an hour and a half. Rent a car in the San José del Cabo airport; Hertz has basic units starting at MXN $219 per day.

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