Boxer accused of cultural appropriation

Fury seemed to be engaged in a publicity stunt

Boxer is accused of cultural appropriation
Tyson Fury during the ring walk ahead of the fight – Photo: REUTERS/Steve Marcus
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British boxer Tyson Fury received a lot of criticism after he wore the Mexican flag on his shorts during a fight on Saturday in Las Vegas, where we defeated Otto Wallin.

The situation was offensive since Mexico bans the use of its national symbols and because the flag was placed on his bottom.

Nevertheless, Tyson not only wore the Mexican flag on his shorts, but he also arrived at the event wearing a poncho and charro hat.



Well it’s fight day, 18:1 from 28stones, Who says it can’t be done, Hard work and dedication anything is possible.

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When asked about Fury, Mexican-American boxer Andy Ruíz he should “stay in (his) lane, represent his country. (…) He shouldn't be representing another country that he's not even close to."


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