Beatriz Gutiérrez is being harassed on social media

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Beatriz Gutiérrez is being harassed on social media
Beatriz Gutiérrez - Photo: Moises Castillo/AP
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Beatriz Gutiérrez is being harassed on social media

We're told that Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller, the historian, and writer married to the President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has been receiving verbal attacks through social media in the last couple of days. Mrs. Beatriz denounced the use of language full of anger and aggressiveness and even had to clarify that she created her Twitter account to denounce the fake accounts, but it was counter-productive. They point out that while the transition progress is going smoothly and the outgoing PRI government is being polite and with a democratic spirit, some people haven't realized the election is over.

Another PAN scape towards Morena?

We're told that there are rumors in the Senate that if the Senator and contender for the PAN's presidency, Francisco Búrquez Valenzuela, doesn't win the internal election, he might quit the PAN and join Morena, just as some of his former colleagues did, like Gabriela Cuevas, José María Martínez or Germán Martínez. We're told that if that's his plan, no one will be surprised if his excuse is that the party has lost its democratic values, and that's why he would rather leave, although deep inside it's because he didn't secure a position in his state. Francisco really agrees with Morena's ideals?

Support for Mancera is dividing a PRD fraction

The fight for the PRD 's Senate coordination in the incoming legislature might break the National Democratic Alternative current (ADN), which has Héctor Bautista as its leader. They explain that Mr. Héctor, whose leadership has focused in the State of Mexico, has decided to support Miguél Ángel Mancera, Mexico City's former mayor, instead of Juan Zepeda, the former State of Mexico candidate, cataloged as Bautista's protege, who convinced him not to ally with Morena last year. We're told that this decision will certainly have repercussions inside this PRD current, bus as Mr. Héctor is the boss, everything points at Mancera's win, and that Zepeda will have to wait six years to aspire to the coordination.

Delgado s fighting hard

The fight for the Congress coordination in Morena is in full force. Such is the extent of the fight that each contender is trying to meet with the biggest number of groups. For example, we're told that yesterday, Mario Delgado, who is looking to become the coordinator, met with the business chambers. They confirm that the meeting awoke a lot of interest, as Mr. Mario talked about topics such as the 2019 budget. They point out that the meeting was attended by the President of the Business Coordinator Council (CCE), Juan Pablo Castañón; Marcos Martínez from the Mexico Banks Association, as well as Alejandro Ramírez, among others. In the past, it would have been impossible for this group to meet with an AMLO follower. Will this help Mr. Mario?


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