Barbosa's awful birthday gift

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Barbosa's awful birthday gift
Barbosa was denounced irregularities throughout the Puebla election process - Photo: Valente Rosas/EL UNIVERSAL
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Barbosa's awful birthday gift

Miguel Barbosa, the former Morena candidate to Puebla, received an awful birthday gift on Sunday. We're told that the gift came from the Supreme Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of Justice, who anticipated the criterion that will influence their decision: they could proceed to nullify the election only in an exceptional case when serious irregularities are proven, and only if they are crucial for the election's result. The magistrate José Luis Vargas argued that “What's not won in the polls, won't be won over at the tribunals” in the case of Querétaro and Coyoacán. But why the gift for Mr. Miguel? Because nothing is said in the recounting of the votes in Puebla, but the alliance between the PAN, PRD, and MC claims the triumph of their candidate, Erika Alonso, will be confirmed by the re-counting process. On the contrary, Barbosa, Morena, PT, and the PES, claim that the fraud was confirmed again and that they will do anything to revert the triumphant image presented by Alonso's team.

Morena: time to distribute the goods

The Senate has to designate 15 new local magistrates in 12 states. This is the first decision of this kind that Morena's majority will take, led by Senator Ricardo Monreal. On September 28, the Political Coordination Board had to send the names of the contenders who fulfill the requirements to the Justice Commission, and these should be also made public, but that didn't happen until yesterday. This process is to designate magistrates in Baja California, Coahuila, Durango, Guerrero, Oaxaca, Puebla, Quintana Roo, Tlaxcala and Veracruz, and two in Sinaloa, Tamaulipas, and Zacatecas. We're told that for the first time, Morena is the one who will distribute the goods.

The ISSSTE's health condition

In the face of the incoming times, when the ISSSTE could receive hundreds of thousands of federal employees who will demand medical services, the institute, which has 13 million beneficiaries, will allocate MXN $1,500 million to invest in infrastructure and services. Besides the new challenges, they explain that the ISSSTE's average medical infrastructure lasts 40 years, which makes it even more necessary. In the context of the ISSSTE's employee day, where they awarded 37 “Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada” prizes, the institute director, Florentino Castro López, said that the institution will look for a larger budget to face the infrastructure investment needed and the improvement of its services. He explained that the from current budget, MXN $282,000 million, over MXN $207 million are used to pay for pensions, MXN $38,000 million for the personnel's salary, MXN $34,000 for supplies, and the rest, MXN $1,500 million, is allocated to investment, a number that should increase if they want to have an ISSSTE on good conditions.

Backing down in Congress?

Everything is ready for Blanca Báez Salomón to take office as the powerful General Minister of Parliamentary Services of San Lázaro, with support from Morena's bench. Nevertheless, we're told that certain information from her resume has basically left her out of the race. We're told that she's very close to the former Senate president, Ernesto Cordero, PAN. They explain that Báez Salomón worked as a counselors' coordinator for the PAN member, something some Morena's deputies weren't pleased to learn. Some of them say that there are better contenders for the position among them. Is Morena going to back down, or is Blanca too fancy for them, because of her relationship with the PAN?


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