Mammoth fossil found in Mexico

The area was part of the Zumpango and Xaltocan lakes thousands of years ago

Archeologists find more mammoth fossils in Mexico
Skeleton of a mammoth found in Belgrade - Photo: Ivan Milutinovic/REUTERS
English 13/03/2019 14:52 Mexico City Actualizada 15:09
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INAH archeologists have confirmed the discovery of mammoth fossils in a dump located on Tultepec, in the state of Mexico.

Workers were excavating the site to enlarge the dump when they found what could be a cemetery of prehistoric animals, some could be 14,000 years-old, municipal authorities said.

The place where the fossils were found is located in an area that was part of the Zumpango and Xaltocan lakes thousands of years ago.

Now, the fossils are being analyzed by experts from Mexico's National Anthropology and History Institute (INAH), led by Luis Córdoba Barradas and Felipe Muñoz Díaz.

The number of animals that could be buried on the site is still unknown. This is the second most important mammoth finding reported by the INAH in Tultepec in the last four years and the sixth major discovery since 1950.


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