Ambassador Ricardo Valero was caught stealing
Ricardo Valero Recio Becerra was recorded stealing a book in Buenos Aires - Photo: Diego Simón Sánchez/EL UNIVERSAL

Ambassador Ricardo Valero was caught stealing

Mexico City
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Ambassador Ricardo Valero was caught stealing

Everything indicates that the government will have to prove something is being done in regards to corruption. The embarrassing case on the Mexican ambassador in Argentina, Ricardo Valero Recio Becerra, who was recorded stealing a book in Buenos Aires, would have to result in his firing. Yesterday, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said there will be zero tolerance to dishonesty and if the accusations are proven, the diplomat will be fired. We've been told that evidence is overwhelming and that the situation is quite complicated. Nevertheless, President López Obrador could benefit from the case, so that he personally announces the ambassador's termination, who stole a book with a price under MXN $200. Moreover, we've been told the federal government rescued Valero Recio and has the President's sympathy, which might make the message more effective.

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Landau respects Mexico's decision on cannabis

Cannabis producers were satisfied with the U.S. ambassador's, Christopher Landau, opinion on the legalization of the industrial use of cannabis in Mexico, We've been told that last week, during a forum on agricultural businesses, the U.S. diplomat said his country didn't have a position in regards to the topic and that this decision is to be made by Mexicans. Landau said this when he answered to a question made by the president of the National Cannabis Industry Association, Guillermo Nieto. Landau also said this is a polemic topic, even in the U.S. Bosco de la Vega, the president of the National Agribusiness Council, was also present at the forum, who has receptive with the initiative of the business leaders who are looking for a regulation that allows the use of cannabis, and which could place Mexico en route to become the leader in the development of cannabis patents.

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High expectations at the Supreme Court

The head of the Supreme Court, Arturo Zaldívar, will present his annual report on Wednesday. We've been told that minister Zaldívar has worked to eradicate corruption, nepotism, and squandering inside the Judiciary, which has made many people nervous because they're not sure of besides his report, Zaldívar will also announce more investigations or cases of judged linked to organized crime. It is also expected that Arturo Zaldívar discusses the collaboration between the court and lawmakers in order to implement a reform in the Judiciary.

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No peace at Morena

Last weekend, during the presentation of Mexico City mayor's report, Claudia Sheinbaum, Yeidckol Polevnsky and Bertha Luján were present. They were both seated close to each other but weren't friendly. A month ago, at the request of Sheinbaum, they met and recorded a video to say there is an agreement and that they would organize a congress in late November but it's now December and nothing has happened. Polevnsky was then accused of not fulfilling her word and not organizing a congress.

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