Mezcal, the perfect drink

Mezcal is considered one of the most representative drinks in Mexico as well as an elixir worthy of gods

For all evil and all good: Mezcal, the perfect drink
Mezcal comes from the Náhuatl word "mezcalli" - Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Mezcal is considered one of the most representative drinks in Mexico as well as an elixir worthy of gods. A drink with multiple personalities, it can be enjoyed in many ways. Mezcal is drunk both by men and women and its versatility makes it an option to celebrate different moments. It is a loyal and temporary “cure” to forget sadness, unrequited love, stress, and even to feel brave for a special moment.

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Its name comes from the Náhuatl mexcalli”: Meztl, which means agave, and Ixcalli, which means cooked. Mezcal goes under a fermentation process and an artisanal distillation. The Mexican territory where mezcal is part of the daily life is Oaxaca, the main producer of this drink with designation of origin. Oaxaca has unparalleled soil, weather, and agave varieties, source of its prestige and worldwide recognition.


It is said that in some small populations in Oaxaca, mezcal is considered a medicinal remedy ideal to clean wounds. It is the holy water that gives good luck to the fields and a way to connect to those who have already departed. Mezcal is also the liquid used by shamans to give sense to their ancient ceremonies.

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The mysticism surrounding mezcal comes from a legend that says that an agave was struck by lightning and made the first “tatema” and that was how the magical drink was created.


That is why it is considered a gift from heaven and a god’s elixir. In ancient times, it was consumed in religious ceremonies and this liquid, with its magical properties, produced in the body an effect similar to a tonic. Hence the popular saying recommends: “for all evil, mezcal, and for all good, mezcal too.”

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Mezcal does not cause hangovers, a powerful gift possessed by few alcoholic drinks. This is due to its distillation being organic; thanks to the conditions of its growth, it needs no preservatives, fertilizers, nor any synthetic substances for its production.

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