The administrative disaster left behind

Another number shows the irregularities to build a Criminal Federal Justice Center in Reynosa, Tamaulipas

The administrative disaster left behind
Luis María Aguilar Morales, the former head of the Federal Judicial Council - Photo: Germán Garía/EL UNIVERSAL
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Monitoring the way in which public resources were spent during previous administrations should become a common practice when a new team takes office. It would represent a measure to force the proper use of public resources and to detect any type of irregularity. Making these reports public would also contribute to implementing transparency that should rule the federal government.

An evaluation carried out at the Federal Judicial Council was revealing: unnecessary expenses, under-spending, buildings in a critical state, and the lack of proofs in regards to the use of money are some of the irregularities that generated material damage for at least MXN $5,428 million.

Among the anomalies found in the payment of rent expenses of five properties that are not being used. Also, the Council ignored at least 797 observations made by its Comptroller and the Federal Superior Auditor.

In 2019, the budget decreased, compared to 2018, which puts 153 buildings in a critical state at risk, although they could have been rehabilitated last year, was there was an under-spending of thousands of millions that weren't used.

Another number shows the irregularities to build a Criminal Federal Justice Center in Reynosa, Tamaulipas. For these type of facilities, venues between 10,000 and 15,000 square meters are required but the one acquired in that city was only 4,200 square meters.

Mismanagement has consequences. After the administrative disaster left behind by the previous administration, the Federal Judicial Council is now under financial pressure, with little range to face them.

In public administration, it is not about reporting under-spending and returning them to the Federal Treasury, as it happened during previous administration in the Judiciary, but exercising a responsible and transparent spending, canceling out the superfluous expenses.

By reporting savings for over MXN $5,000 million, at the expense of certain institutions, the measure becomes negative. It is quite simple: savings and austerity turned out to be more expensive.


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