6,000 children went missing between 2017-2018
Last week, a baby was kidnapped in Mexico City but she is now with her parents - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL

6,000 children went missing between 2017-2018

Mexico City
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6,000 children went missing between 2017-2018

The kidnap of Nancy, an 8-month-old baby, outside Mexico City's General Hospital affected a large part of the country. But according to civil society organizations, the event shouldn't surprise us but rather push society to fight these crimes. Recently, the Network for the Rights of Children (REDIM) revealed that between 2017 and 2018, at least 6,000 children have gone missing, although the number hasn't been updated in 2019, several organizations are already working on the update, since the kidnap and disappearance of children and teenagers has become a recurrent phenomenon in Mexico. But now that baby Nancy is home, are we going to forget the other missing and kidnapped children?

Torture in Mexico

Through social media, some organizations announced today that they will explain the United Nations what is the torture panorama in Mexico. We've been told that the organizations have been working on the issue for years, therefore, they hope that their numbers and stories will be useful so that the UN issues a recommendation to Mexican authorities. The question is, what will the federal government's reaction? Let's remember that the previous administration, led by Peña Nieto, was outraged because the reports proved what was obvious: that in Mexico, torture is systematic and implemented by police officers and prosecutors.

Priests at the lower chamber

On Tuesday, the lower chamber will be visited by Alfonso Miranda Guardiola, the Mexican Episcopate's general secretary and Carlos Garfias Merlos, the archbishop of Morelia, who will attend the presentation of a documentary, “Tragedia y Crisol del Sacerdocio en México,” which shows that priests have been victims of violence. The religious leaders will also present the Catholic church's agenda in regards to human rights and will also voice their concern for the high crime rates in Mexico. Will they pay attention or will the lawmakers ignore them?

Cipriano Charrez to be stripped of his immunity

We've been told that next Tuesday, the future of the federal Morena deputy Cipriano Charrez will be decided, who was accused of being involved in a car crash last year, and where a young man died. The lower chamber will vote to strip him of his political immunity. We've been told that Charrez plans to be present and explain that he is not guilty and that he is being persecuted by Hidalgo's Prosecutor's Office, the body that requested that he is stripped of his immunity. “I'm not going to run away and I'm going to defend myself,” the lawmaker told this newspaper. Nevertheless, some claim his case has been decided and that he will be in fact stripped of his immunity.


Mexican children are in danger

Some drug cartels manipulate minors, using them to sell drugs or as watchmen, in charge of reporting the presence of soldiers, police officers, or strangers
Mexican children are in danger Mexican children are in danger


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