Vote against Trump promoted in Mexico City

Democrats in Mexico invite people not to disregard NAFTA

Photo: Irvin Olivares/EL UNIVERSAL
English 04/07/2017 13:46 Carina García Actualizada 13:46
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On account of the 4th of July, American citizens from the Democrat Party living in Mexico, reinforced their activism with the start of the campaign “Get out and vote,” having in mind the upcoming midterm elections.

Erik Markeset, President of Democrats Abroad CDMX, assured that since Donald Trump took office, this community has experienced a growing interest in participating, voting, and asserting their opinion on the necessity of being able to take a different route.

“Last year, we started with 100 persons and today we are 6 thousand and just in the Metropolitan area. We want to reach out to even more people so that they participate and receive information on how to register to vote,” said the President of Democrats Abroad.

The campaign aims to invite the almost million and a half Americans living in Mexico, many of which have double nationality, in order for them to remain active and ready to vote.

“We hope to reverse the legislative majority, we hope that Donald Trump's popularity, now at 30%, impact people so that they get out and vote, which was part of the problem during the past election. Many independent voters who rooted for Hilary Clinton or Democrats who did not think that Trump would win did not participate and we lost key states,” he explained.

“Now is time to create public awareness, remind people that they can participate because the only way we can revert or stop some of the policies advanced by Trump's administration is by expressing ourselves politically,” said Markeset.

He added that other areas of shared concern are stopping arms sales, many of which end up in Mexico, and not throwing away NAFTA negotiations.


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