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Cobbler, stick to your last

A very bad day the television producer, Epigmenio Ibarra, chose to do some kind of media analysis in 120 characters. Commenting on his Twitter account the main note of this newspaper about a report that talks about irregularities committed by the General Attorney's Office (PGR) in the investigation of the case of the 43 disappeared students of the Normal Rural School of Ayotzinapa, he had no problem in referring to EL UNIVERSAL as a newspaper "close to the regime". Bad day, because that very note does not speak very well of the regime. In addition, in that same cover, our own poll shows that the candidate of MORENA to the government of the State of Mexico is tied with the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) candidate. In addition, on that front page, an interview with the president of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) is highlighted, as well as reports of the arrest of an official of the previous PRI government in Chihuahua for the crime of peculation, and a report was published that shows how the theft of fuels in the country has gone out of control. In the opinion pages a PRD deputy shares his points of view as well as another one from the National Action Party (PAN), an aspirant to the Presidency of the Republic by the opposition, along with prestigious analysts and academics, none of them representing the regime. Ibarra, who is very critical of television companies and established media, from which he occasionally receives a contract to make soap operas or series, shows his lack of criticism severity. But, it is not personal Mr. Epigmenio, just devote more time to your productions and less to the analysis of media.

INAI succession gets rough

The succession process of the presidency to the National Institute of Transparency and Access to Information (INAI) seems to be bogged down. We are told that the positions among the commissioners are so intricate that the possibility of asking Commissioner Arely Cano to take the reins of the institute and head a transitional presidency is explored. Ms. Arely is unable to compete because her period as commissioner ends in March 2018. The idea is that, in the nine months that Cano would be in the presidency, the polarization environment that is perceived today among several commissioners who aspire to the position is recomposed. The INAI is made up of 7 commissioners and we know that, for the elections to find a new president, the winner is expected to accumulate 5 votes, and so far none of them seem to have them. The process contemplates several rounds of voting in which they could even eliminate participants until only two players are left, and among them, the seven votes would be distributed to finally choose the new president. Experts in the subject explain that the law does not contemplate the figure of a transition president, so, if they don't patch the law in the next few hours, this week the INAI will have a new leader.

The UNAM and the story of Lesvy

No one told the story, but we were told that, in the case of the murder of Lesvy Berlin Osorio, 22, in the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the authorities there, did more than what is known. We are told that the University's surveillance personnel found out about the crime at 5:45 in the morning. From that moment, they began to work and watched all the available videos. They located Lesvy's boyfriend and at 11 at night they presented him to the Public Prosecutor's Office. Now, they tell us that some University's functionaries are upset because the authorities didn't publicly disclose this information, and some might think that they didn't react on time or that there even was an omission. Who did not want to tell the story? Why?

The land of the pheasant and praise

Yesterday, the coordinator of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) senators, Emilio Gamboa, looked like a pheasant, all proud and mighty, after President Enrique Peña Nieto filled him with praise in his own land, Yuactán. "I am particularly pleased that Mr. Senator for Yucatan, Emilio Gamboa, whom you know, is here. A friend to the people of Yucatan, a friend to the President and also an icon within Mexican politics. Because very few, and only one man from Yucatan, truth be told, have the vitality that Emilio Gamboa has had throughout his history and his career, and he rarely, rarely, accompanies me in a private event and in the Presidium, as today. That's why, Emilio, thank you very much for your presence, for your friendship and, above all, for your determined effort and hard work, in any trench, to serve Mexico as a good Yucatecan. " Great presidential praising in the land of the pheasant and the deer.


***In the picture: Epigmenio Ibarra (PHOTO: EL UNIVERSAL ARCHIVE)



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