Mexican Cinema lives and triumphs

Michel Franco wins for the third time in Cannes. Now it was the Jury Prize for “Las Hijas de Abril”

Photo: Alejandra García de Francisco/EFE
English 28/05/2017 10:53 Alejandra Musi / Enviada Cannes, France Actualizada 15:13

For the third consecutive time, Mexican director Michel Franco triumphs in Cannes, now with a project starring Spanish actress Emma Suárez, Ana Valeria Becerril, Enrique Arrizon and Joanna Larequi. This award with which Michel makes history, proves, once again, that he was born to make films.

The jury, headed by Uma Thurman, and made up of Mohamed Diab (Egyptian director), Reda Kateb (French actor), Joachim Lafosse (Belgian director) and Karel Och (artistic director of the Karlovy Vary festival) was present at the gala. Debussy room burst into applause with the first award of the section Un certain regard, which was the jury prize for “Las Hijas de Abril” (April's Daughters) by Michel Franco.

Accompanied by his parents and family, Franco could not hide his excitement to go back to the stage that saw him receive the maximum trophy of this same section only five years ago with the film “Después de Lucia” (After Lucía).

The first time Franco crossed the French Riviera was only 30 years old. He did it with his opera prima called Daniel y Ana and the simple fact of being in Cannes was enough to see the constant smile of the young man.

“I certainly was not expecting this, it's really exciting. I am very happy because it is something that will help the film a lot. It means that filmmakers as talented as those on the jury and someone like Uma Thurman appreciate the film”, the director told reporters.

About whether he thinks he maintains the flame that Alfonso Cuarón, Alejandro González Iñarritu, Carlos Reygadas and Guillermo del Toro began in Cannes, he said: "I value the sole fact that it is mentioned. I admire and respect them all".