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Marchs against gasoline hike in Mexico City and Chiapas

Mexico City, Tapachula
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Local police monitor demonstrations in downtown Mexico City with no violent displays registered so far; Tapachula protesters also committed to a peaceful demonstration

Authorities monitor three demonstrations taking place in downtown Mexico City to protest against recent gasoline hike measures taken by the government.

A first group of protesters rallied in the Independence Monument, at the heart of the business corridor of Reforma Avenue, and headed to the Constitution square or Zocalo earlier today. A symbolic closure of a gas station in the corner of Insurgentes and Reforma avenues took place without any incidents.

A second group of protesters gathered outside the Fine Arts Palace and similarly headed to Zocalo’s square with signs condemning the recent fuel hike measures.

A final contingent gathered in Zocalo’s square with no violent incidents to report so far.


A peaceful demonstration is also taking place in Tapachula, Chiapas, were hundreds of citizens, businessmen, teachers and carriers protest against the federal fuel hike, as well as the high cost of the gas and light bills and the government of president Peña Nieto.

With signs of “No to the gasoline hike”, “Adjustments to the salaries of congressmen and senators”, “Chiapas, oil state, and its people left without money”, “They took everything from us, they took all the fear away from us” and “It is easier to reduce 5000 politicians salaries, than to increase the cost of gasoline and fuels”, protesters strongly rejected the measures undertaken throughout the country.

Protesters warned that they will not allow any hostile act nor looting by infiltrators or rioters during their demonstration nor in their community as they will protect their property, homes and businesses.

Demonstrators are expected to rally outside the municipal presidency in Tapachula’s central park.



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