23 | ENE | 2019
Photo: Taken from Omar Z. Robles blog: omarzroblesblog.wordpress.com

Balletic displays in Mexico City through the lens of Omar Z. Robles

Mexico City
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The Puerto - Rican photographer has created delicate images of ballet dancers in iconic settings of Mexico City, which he shared in his Instagram account

New York based photographer Omar Z. Robles has focused on taking delicate images of ballet dancers worldwide and “continues his quest to travel the world documenting dancers in different countries” with his recent visit to Mexico City in late October.

Robles’ visit to the Aztec country was motivated by declarations of U.S. president-elect, Donald Trump, saying that Mexico sends his worst to the U.S. “I set myself to prove those words wrong and show how beautiful Mexico and its people really are.”

The photo shootings of graceful dancers took place in several iconic settings of Mexico City such as the colonial neighborhood of Coyoacán, the Mexican Revolution Monument, the canals of Xochimilco and streets in Downtown Mexico City, among others.

The elegant balletic displays show local ballet dancers, as well as dancers based in Mexico City, in often complex and beautiful dance poses.

The famed photographer shared and entry in his blog telling of his experience in Mexico, where he stressed the nature of the Mexican people he encountered: “In Mexico, I encountered a country deeply rooted within the richness of their traditions...Bold and vibrant colors everywhere, mirroring the character of the people who call the city home... The warmth with which the people of Mexico received me and the dancers as we shot along the streets truly inspired me.”

More about his work at: http://www.omarzrobles.com/


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