There are reports of more mass graves in Morelos: Human rights body

Second General Visitor of the National Human Rights Commission, Enrique Guadarrama, asked the state government to open a new investigation.

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English 06/10/2016 16:59 Newsroom Actualizada 17:02
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Second General Visitor of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), Enrique Guadarrama, said that there are indications of more clandestine mass graves in Morelos, so he asked the state government to open a new investigation.

In an interview with Denise Maerker, Guadarrama said that reports have suggested that another mass grave could be located in Jojutla.

He also said that there is a six-month deadline for the authorities to investigate and deliver a report.

Guadarrama said that the families of the missing persons have been carrying out the investigations, which is a job for the authorities, so he asked the government to repair the damage to the families of the victims found at Tetelcingo mass grave.

He mentioned the irregularities occurred in Tetelcingo so he called on the authorities to locate other possible mass graves, establish a scheme for the site preservation, and implement a protocol for the corresponding exhumations.

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