'Gringos' start anti-Trump campaign in Mexico City

The international civil organization AVAAZ promotes that 1 million U.S. citizens living in Mexico cast their votes against Trump through the #GringosAVotar campaign

#GringosAVotar meet with mariachi in the “Ángel de la Independencia” monument to build a wall which reads “United against Trump” - Diana Lastiri
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U.S. citizens launched an appeal to prevent Donald Trump from accessing to power as he is considered to be a "global threat".

The international civil organization AVAAZ promotes that 1 million U.S. citizens living in Mexico register and cast their votes against Trump through the #GringosAVotar campaign; for such purpose, they “built a wall” in the Ángel de la Independencia monument, in Paseo de la Reforma Avenue, with a message which reads “United against Trump”.

Additionally, AVAAZ made a register tool available through their website, which simplifies and speeds up the process for people interested in casting their vote from abroad: www.avaaz.org/GringosAVotar

“This is an urgent campaign to stop Trump; to prevent him to access the White House, and the power in the U.S.”, said Joseph Huff-Hannon, AVAAZ´s representative.

He added: “Mr. Trump is a global threat, as Mexicans are well aware of, he doesn’t believe in climate change, he has addressed refugees as terrorists, he has called Mexicans rapists and criminals plus he uses a racist and sexist hate rhetoric.”

Huff-Hannon urged Mexicans and U.S. citizens living in Mexico to come to the “Ángel de la Indpendencia” monument to take a picture in the anti-Trump wall and to share it through social media with the hashtag #GringosAVotar.

He is confident that the U.S. expats will make a significant difference this time, in the upcoming presidential elections of his country, as in the 2012 elections only 12% of the 8 million expats actually registered to cast their votes.

Huff-Hannon made it clear that his organization does not seek that people vote in favor of Hillary Clinton, but that they simply vote against Trump.

The presidential debate between the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, and its Democrat counterpart, Hillary Clinton, will take place this Monday in the run for the 2016 Presidency of the U.S.


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