Chiapas: a trip to the heart of its coffee plantations

Tour the Coffee Route with tastings and stays in small hotels amid its plantations

Finca Hamburgo, founded in 1888 by Arthur Erich Edelmann - Cortesy of Finca Hamburgo
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Besides the monumental archeological sites, impressive natural scenery and ancestral towns that preserve the local culture, the Coffee Route is one of the essential destinations for any traveler to the state of Chiapas.

Enthusiasts of alternative tourism and weekend getaways will find many attractions, including guided tours to the more than a dozen 19th-century coffee plantations located in the Soconusco region, an hour away from municipal town of Tapachula, Chiapas, where the organic production of coffee and the sustainable management of resources go hand in hand.

Finca Argovia: Several plantations offer accommodation at the heart of this area with a combination of good food, ecoturism and leisure. Finca Argovia is perhaps the one with the largest capacity, as well as most tradition, administered by the fourth generation of the Giesemann family who has positioned Finca Argovia as a resort boutique mountain spa with an Eco-friendly awareness with comfortable rooms and rustic

Finca Hamburgo: Another great option is this plantation, founded in 1888 by German Arthur Edelmann, which houses a Coffee Museum, European type cabins and a small spa.

Finca San Francisco: You will find Hotelito San Francisco in a more romantic and country ambiance, located within the main house of the Finca San Francisco, including only four rustic rooms with a view to the mountain and the plantations, where guided tours can be arranged.

The plantation is dedicated to the growing of tropical flowers like anthuriums and orchirds; also, the plantation’s greenhouse is a must-see.