Remains of Spanish citizen to be repatriated today: EFE

Widower Cristiano Do Vale and cousin Gorka Villar will fly to Spain carrying the urn with the cremated remains of María Villar

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English 24/09/2016 15:04 EFE Actualizada 15:15
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The remains of María Villar Galaz are being repatriated to Spain this Saturday, in a flight from Iberia Airways as informed by a source linked to the Spanish consulate in Mexico.

María Villar was niece to the President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Ángel María Villar, and was murdered towards the middle of this month in Mexico.

María Villar Galaz was found lifeless last September 15 in a creek in the community of Marisol in the municipality of Santiago Tiangusitenco in the State of Mexico, with her feet and hands tied and with her head covered with a bag which caused her dead by suffocation.

“ Around nine in the morning her widower Cristiano Do Vale and cousin Gorka Villar were picked up by a consulate vehicle which took them to the airport for them to take a flight to Spain midday today”, stated the consulate source.

Do Vale and Villar will reach Bilbao as their final destination with a stopover in Madrid as they carry with them the urn with the remains of Maria Villar.


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