Attack against singer was against all Banda music: Banda MS

Alan Ramírez is fine and his vocal cords have no damage.

(Photo: Facebook Banda MS)
English 02/07/2016 18:01 Newsroom Mexico City Actualizada 18:06
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Alan Ramírez, lead singer of Mexican regional music group Banda MS is stable, after an attack in the early hours of the day near a hotel in Polanco, Mexico City.

Two members of the band conducted a press conference presenting the last news about Ramírez, telling media that his vocal cords are fine and he is conscious, but will be unable to talk during the following three days per doctor's orders.

When asked about the motivations behind the attack, they said that it was clearly against all of Banda music. "We know there's a lot of persons against seeing this genre moving forward."

But, they also said that it's quite possible that the attack came from a fan in love with the singer.

Also, they said that they have no skeletons in their closet and that their bodyguards have no guns.

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