Gerardo Ortiz leaves jail in Jalisco

He paid a US$2,696 bail and left in the afternoon.

(Photo: File/EL UNIVERSAL)
English 17/07/2016 21:13 Quadratín Actualizada 21:14
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Banda singer Gerardo Ortiz left the state jail of Puente Grande after he paid a US$2,696 bail. He was arrested for a presumed apology of crime in a video, where a man kills a woman and then burns the body.

A custodian confirmed that he had left at 5:00 p.m. in a vehicle property of the office of the state Attorney General, trying to keep a low profile from media.

The lawyer of the Mexican-American singer had initially promised a press conference as soon as he was able to leave the jail, but that did not happen.

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