DEA wanted suspect arrested in Mexico

The 23-year-old was arrested in the municipality of Tlalnepantla.

He was identified only as Juan Gerardo and is facing four arrest orders in Texas. (Photo: Government of the State of Mexico)
English 12/07/2016 17:24 Juan Manuel Barrera Tlalnepantla, Mexico Actualizada 17:24
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A Mexican-American suspect wanted by the Drug Enforcement Agency was arrested in the municipality of Tlalnepantla and deported to the United States, according to reports.

The man was identified only as 23-year-old Juan Gerardo by the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico.

The man was found by state police in possession of a knife and a package of what seemed to be cannabis.

Juan Gerardo, from Tyler, is facing four arrest orders in Texas for drug trafficking, drug possession, robbery and possession of a loaded magazine.

He was deported immediately to the United States.

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