Halo surrounds the Sun over Mexico City

The phenomenon was also observed in other regions of the country.

The halo sometimes also appears around the Moon. (Photo: Yadín Xolalpa)
English 08/02/2016 18:45 Mexico City Actualizada 18:45
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A halo surrounding the Sun caused surprise among the population of Mexico City and other regions, shining with the colors of the rainbow this afternoon.

As seen in social networks, the phenomenon was seen in Tamaulipas and Coahuila for approximately half a day.

A solar halo is an atmospheric phenomenon caused when the rays of the Sun pass through ice crystals trapped in the troposphere, as well as water droplets suspended in the atmosphere, causing the light to decompose in various colors.

This happens mostly on rainy season because there is a greater concentration of clouds with ice crystals.

The phenomenon also occurs in the winter and even in the spring, due to the pervading humidity in the air, combined with the currents of polar winds.

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