Humberto Moreira arrives in Mexico City

The former governor of Coahuila was arrested on January 15 in Spain, accused of presumed money laundering and embezzlement.

(Photo: Juan Boites/El Universal)
English 03/02/2016 21:17 Marcos Muedano Actualizada 21:21
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Former governor of Coahuila, Humberto Moreira, arrived in Mexico City from Madrid, Spain, after a Spanish judge ruled his release and the return of his passport.

Although the investigation against the also former president of the PRI continues, Moreira decided to return to Mexico, subject to the visit of the Spanish authorities in order to testify.

Authorities of the Federal Police and the Mexico City International Airport said that Moreira did not request security teams to leave the airport and avoid the media.

Humberto Moreira was arrested on January 15, accused of presumed money laundering and embezzlement. In 2013, Moreira made several transfers for almost 2000,000 euros to three accounts in Spanish banks. 



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