Founder of La Familia cartel killed in Michoacán

Carlos Rosales, "El Tísico", is among a group of people found dead this morning.

English 28/12/2015 18:25 Carlos Arrieta/Michoacán Actualizada 12:22

The Office of the Attorney General of the state of Michoacán reported the death of Carlos Rosales Mendoza, a founding leader of the criminal group known as "La Familia Michoacana".

The body of the man known as "El Tísico" (The Consumptive), was found this morning with gunshot wounds and torture signs along other three unidentified people.

The four were found just 350 feet away from a toll-both of the Siglo XXI highway, in the area of Santa Casilda.

According to the authorities, Rosales Mendoza was identified and reclaimed by his relatives.

Rosales Mendoza was one of the main leaders of the Cartel Milenio and the Familia, and is also the highest ranking criminal leader of Michoacán in the DEA's most wanted list.

"El Tísico" was considered a former boss of Servando Gómez Martínez, "La Tuta". He spent more than a decade in prison and was free when his sentence ended.