Chile on alert for 'El Chapo'

According to Argentinean newspaper 'El Clarín' the Mexican kingpin could cross into Chile.

'El Clarín' says that Joaquín Guzmán is currently in Argentina. (Photo: File/EL UNIVERSAL)
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The Chilean Ministry of the Interior issued a red alert in the entire country in light of reports about the presence of Mexican drug trafficker Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán at the Argentinean border.

Argentinean newspaper El Clarín reported that the National Gendarmerie of Argentina warned that "El Chapo" could be hidden in the mountainous areas of the nation and could attempt to cross into Chile.

In response, the Gendarmerie unveiled a plan of action that involves a huge number of armed officers guarding the border area.

In Chile, the Carabinieri and the Intelligence Service would have to come with a similar plan.

El Clarín pointed out that the mountains in the border are not densely populated and there are border areas only explored by the locals.

"According to police sources, the last thing heard about the drug trafficker is that he might be hidden in Rio de Janeiro or Punta del Este, although by now he is looked for Argentina and Chile," the report said.

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