Portugal awaits 'Tecatito'

He will play with Porto, according to the international press.

Today could be his last day with Twente. (Photo: SPECIAL)
English 29/08/2015 13:00 Mexico City Actualizada 13:00
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Jesús Manuel Corona could play his last game with Twente today, before moving to Porto.

According to the press in Portugal, "Tecatito" will play with the "Dragons," and that's a fact.

The O Jogo newspaper expressed that Corona would have a five-year contract for 10 million dollars, and would be working with compatriots Héctor Herrera and Raúl Gudiño.

Even the "Tukkers" coach, Alfred Schreuder, has said that the Mexican player has been affected by his departure, but he is still in the list for today's game versus Heracles, in the fourth date of the Eredivisie.

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