Jémez appreciates the interest of the FMF

The coach of Rayo Vallecano is considered as a possible new head for 'El Tri'

He appreciates the kind words from Guillermo Cantú. (Photo: Courtesy of Femexfut: rayovallecano.is)
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Spanish coach Paco Jémez, currently head of Rayo Vallecano, thanked Guillermo Cantú, secretary general of the Mexican Soccer Federation for presenting him as one of the proposed new captain of "El Tri" along Unai Emery.

A few days ago, Cantú mentioned Jémez and Emery as coaches during an interview with ESPN. The team is currently headed by interim coach Ricardo Ferretti after the dismissal of Miguel Herrera in June.

"There are interesting coaches. I love the Paco Jémez's proposals, as well as Unai Emery," expressed Cantú.

Jémez was asked about Cantú's comments and expressed that "I had no knowledge about it and I thank him for his words. We coaches can end anywhere, but I think that in our minds, sooner or later, you have the intentions of becoming coaches of either your country or another one."

"I think being coach is a lovely experience that every coach should go through or enjoy if they can because it represents yet another concept and another way to watch soccer. You don't have that every day and you will have a country behind you, with everything that it represents," he said.

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