Mexican marines kill two after attack in Durango

The military responded to an aggression during an aerial patrol.

Tamazula, Durango, according to Google Maps. (Photo: SPECIAL)
English 16/06/2015 21:31 Doris Gómora Actualizada 21:31
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Mexican marines on an aerial patrol responded to an aggression and killed two people traveling in vehicles in the area of Tamazula, in the state of Durango, arresting five and seizing 34 weapons.

Through an statement, the Ministry of the Navy said that after being attacked from the ground, the marines on board a helicopter made some warning shots against the vehicles in the ground, but they ignored them and continues firing, and the military had no choice but respond to the aggression.

"As a result of this confrontation two males allegedly involved with organized crime were shot to death, and four male minors were captured, and weapons, tactical and communication equipment on board their vehicles were seized," added the document.

Subsequently, the marines supported by land units checked the area and detained a man identified as José Guadalupe, in possession of more than 550 pounds of cannabis.

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