Aquila mayor is accused of trying to kill Semeí Verdía

Michoacán authorities will investigate the alleged responsibility of Juan Hernández in the assassination attempt against the commander of the community police.

English 31/05/2015 12:37 Raúl Torres / Corresponsal Actualizada 12:37
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Elements of the community police of Ostula and the rural forces of Coahuayana arrested Juan Hernández Ramírez, mayor of Aquila, whom they accuse of trying to re-articulate the Knights Templar cartel in the region. 


According to an infiltrated member of the self-defense forces Hernández offered half a million dollars to assassinate Semeí Verdía, commander of the community police ambushed by an armed group on May 25. 


The mayor was taken to the headquarters of the rural force of Coahuayana to turn him over to the Public Ministry so that it investigates his alleged responsibility in the assassination attempt against Verdía, which resulted in a series of clashes in which four alleged suspects and two community policemen were killed. 


They added that the Undersecretary of Public Security of Michoacán, Adolfo Eloy Peralta Mora, aka 'Yankee', is also involved in the plot. Peralta allegedly met on Maruata beach to plan the death or arrest of Verdía along with the mayor of Aquila and the infiltrated self-defense member identified as 'Antioco'.

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